Scuba Diving At Kata Beach Phuket

Scuba Diving at Kata Beach Phuket, Thailand, is an ideal location. This stunning dive site is located at the north end of the beach, hidden from the view of the families and children playing in the shallow surf. However, as soon as you dive into the water, you will discover a whole new world filled with excitement and wonder.

Scuba Diving at Kata Beach Phuket is a great location for divers of all abilities.

From beginners to experienced divers, there are plenty of reasons why you should explore the underwater world of Kata Beach Phuket. Whether you have a limited amount of time or are looking to try new equipment, Kata Beach Phuket offers the perfect solution.

If you have non-diving family members or small children, a full day trip may not be practical. Therefore, a morning or afternoon beach dive is the perfect solution.  At Kata Beach Phuket, you can enjoy a shallow, easy dive that lasts for about an hour, giving you plenty of time to explore the stunning coral reefs and marine life.

For beginners, Kata Beach Phuket is the best possible place to start. It offers an easy dive, with no need to jump into deep water like you would have to on a boat dive. We simply walk into the water with our gear on, giving you plenty of time to get comfortable before we go under.

Kata Beach is also perfect for experienced divers looking for a refresher dive or trying out new equipment. You can put your new camera or equipment through its paces on a nice long dive, even on the morning of the trip sometimes.

We offer SSI Open Water courses, Try Scuba Diving, Discover Scuba Dive, Fun Dive, Refresher Dive, and Night Dive at Kata Beach throughout the dry season, from November to April. Certified divers can enjoy diving at Kata beach house reef, which is shallow, with a maximum depth of 12m, giving you longer bottom times to explore the marine life.

Marine life at Kata Beach is abundant and varied, with many schools of glass fish and juveniles, as well as schools of snapper and fusiliers, which all attract hunters like small trivially, barracuda, and young tuna. Triggerfish, surgeonfish, and parrotfish patrol the reef in good numbers, and we have a healthy population of scorpionfish and lionfish. Between December and April, ornate ghost pipefish visit the reef on their annual breeding cycles.

At Aum Scuba, we have an extensive range of new and well-maintained Cressi diving equipment, including masks, fins, BCDs, regulators, wet suits, and rash vests. We also provide pre-dive briefings and assemble equipment before heading down to the ocean.

In conclusion, Kata Beach is an excellent diving location in Phuket, Thailand, for all kinds of divers, from beginners to experienced divers. With stunning coral reefs and abundant marine life, it’s a perfect place to discover the wonders of the underwater world. So, come and join us for an unforgettable diving experience at Kata Beach

Looking for an unforgettable scuba diving experience in Thailand? Look no further than Kata Beach! Located at the north end of the beach, Kata Beach’s house reef is a hidden gem that offers divers of all abilities the chance to explore the stunning marine life just meters from the shore. Whether you’re short on time, need a diving refresher, or want to try out new equipment, Kata Beach is the perfect spot. And with seasonal dives available from November to April, there’s no reason not to book your adventure today! You won’t regret checking out this little diamond of a dive site.

scuba diving at Kata Beach Phuket
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Kata beach Phuket
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